About Us

Glebe St. James Home Service Guild

What we do

We are a group of retirees living in the Glebe. Most of us are affiliated with Glebe St. James United Church located at 650 Lyon St. South.

We have energy and skills that we have used over the years to maintain our own homes and we are now helping others. The Guild began in June 2017 and we have completed, or are actively working on, over 30 projects.

How we work

The Guild raises money to support the ministry of Glebe St.James. All the funds are paid directly to Glebe St. James and allocated towards the current Operating Budget.

The usual charge is $25 per hour and if a project took four hours of work you would be asked to send a cheque to GSJames in the amount of $100. You would send the cheque and indicate who in the Guild actually did the work. They would then be attributed a “charitable donation” in the amount of $100.

Basement Clean-up

In the winter months our energy is focused inside and unorganized basements are ideal for the Guild. We thrive at organizing chaos. And stuff is removed not to come back. Some will go to our fall bazaar, some to Value Village, we recycle what we can and the rest to landfill. We build storage shelves and dividers. We turn a messy basement into valuable useable space. And it is our objective to paint your basement floor for you before some stuff is returned. All good!