Projects Past & Present

Projects we have worked on

· Furniture restoration

· House sitting

· Gardening

· Hedge trimming

· Painting 

· Tax advise

· Repairing garage doors

· Window washing

· Repairing sky lights

· Cleaning garages

· Organizing basements

· Cement repairs

· Book binding

· Building access ramps

· Nudging

· Selling antiques

· Planting bulbs

· Butter tart

· Moving with Uhaul van

· Rearranging rooms

How does it work?


The Guild raises money to support the ministry of Glebe St.James. All the funds are paid directly to Glebe St. James and allocated towards the current Operating Budget.

The usual charge is $25 per hour and if a project took four hours of work you would be asked to send a cheque to GSJames in the amount of $100. You would send the cheque and indicate who in the Guild actually did the work. They would then be attributed a “charitable donation” in the amount of $100.


"A wonderful way to complete projects, get work done and help our church!"

- John Muggleton

"I had four chairs refinished, they look beatiful and paid a fraction of the cost, the money went to Glebe St. James United"

- Dana Truelove